Friend-Raising, the New Turn in Fundraising

So, you thought you had your social media jargon down pat. You thought you could talk to anyone, favourite authors, actors, directors… Some of them even responded. Perhaps you have a role at work which includes publicising your company’s brand on social networks. People are liking your Facebook page, somebody is coming to your events and nabbing all the free wine… You’re doing well with social media.

Have you ever thought of this, of the growing obsession regarding your follower count; of constantly trying to get more ‘friends’; refreshing your email
client in the hope of some more ‘likes’ – as ‘friend-raising’?

So, what is ‘friend-raising’?
Friend-raising is the new buzzword in work-related social media, the it activity your company must be seen to be doing, the under-represented art of getting the public involved with your brand, increasing the visibility of your product. People talk. If someone likes and is interested in your product, they are a potential source of revenue. They will tell their friends about you, share your jpegs on twitter, discuss their own wish for a knitted furry caterpillar or whatever it is you’re selling.

Not really. I mean, I might have that kind of influence on the marketing industry – but it’s highly unlikely. ‘Friend-raising’ is nothing but an error on a job vacancy advert on LinkedIn that sparked my imagination. Given the nature of the role, as a private school fundraiser, it is likely they meant fundraising.

Alternatively, there is always the chance they are trying to get some friendly zombies raised.

Have a good afternoon, readers. I know you’re out there, do say hello sometime. I’d best go and pack for my upcoming house move now.


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