How Not to Format an Email (and other news)

Hello all,

Sorry I’ve not taken the opportunity to write much recently. Since the last post (5 months ago!), I have finished a Creative Writing module at university and started on a Screenwriting one. This seems to translate into many pages of my messy handwriting – see below – and vast quantities of textbooks as well as paper everywhere; but far less typed-up writing. I’m just so busy. Anyway, there’s my excuse.

For comparative purposes, this is my handwriting c. Oct 2010, a year before I started at university:


as opposed to my writing today:


I blame university for making me write faster and sloppier…

Anyway, after starting at university I got involved in the Students’ Union (see eventually) and more recently found myself attending conferences and fairs relating to students, liberation campaigns, young people and other associated issues. One of these was an employability, education and enterprise fair for 16-30 year olds. I talked to a company there who are planning a similar local event next month. They took my contact details, and then sent me this – which purports to be an invitation to exhibit at and visit their event. I wouldn’t know that from trying to read this email though.


The white bits are me erasing personal details.


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