Picking up after others, or, A Freegler’s Rant


Things not to do when freegling your item (in no particular order):
1. Decline to provide your full address when making arrangements for freegler to collect. We of course have lots of time to get your postcode off the Internet.
2. Decline to exchange phone numbers. Address and email are fine, but it’s all fallible.
3. Not bother checking your emails regularly to make sure you’re clear on collection details.
4. Be v nasty to freeglers who collect your stuff. Ok, you’re giving it to them, but they’re the ones helping you out – collecting stuff you can’t be bothered to sort/ sell/ take to charity shop yourself. You aren’t the king of the castle, okay? Be polite.
5. Not answer the door when collector arrives, despite being able to hear them and your dog barking his head off.
6. Be out at agreed collecting time. It is not that hard to be in, or have someone else be there. Seriously.

If you manage to do three of these simultaneously, don’t be surprised when people don’t want to deal with you again. Or that everyone is annoyed, including you.

Happy Freegling!


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